Saturday, July 24, 2010

For the "Merry Sisters of Fate" a prompt response

A contest subission in response to a princess/pea promt:

High atop a mattress stack sat the Princess drawn by Sir Dulac.
Her journey had left her wet and chilled needing a slumber, deeply dream filled.
Regarding her lineage she did spout devoid of knowledge of the plot about.
For princesses are fair or so it is said, but all this girl desired was a nice warm bed.
A mother’s concern brought forth a test to bring define delicacy through denied rest.
Beneath her were layers of feathers and straw but née a sleep full breath to draw.
Too bad a date would not suffice because the girl was up all through the night
Tossing and turning, never to sleep for the sake of the pea buried below so deep.
In the end all was true and the prince free to pitch his woo.
The two were married for all to see and royal life and love were meant to be;
all for the test of a little tiny pea.

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